Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No knitting in the courthouse

I was called for jury duty this week. In my area you call in the night before to see if you have to be at the courthouse. Monday - nope. Complete day as scheduled. Tuesday - rats. Spend half of day at courthouse where they will not let me take my knitting upstairs. Ugh, really? Do you think I am going to use my favorite needles to hurt someone? Uh no, I like these needles and I don't want blood on my yarn. Duh! Luckily they did let me have my Kindle with me so I could read during the waiting portion of the day. I also did not get picked for the jury. Civic duty complete. Home to the knitting, spinning, crocheting, and exercise.
I have almost completed Baby Blanket #1. Please excuse the picture quality. There isn't really enough sun in that room yet and the overhead light was on too. No real help. I have about 6 rows of the edging to do and then it's done. I think I'm going to do the next one on the machine. This one went well after the two times I ripped it out. The first attempt is an example of why I should swatch and measure more. It would have been big enough to reach completely across my full size bed. Oops. Rip. Try number two and somehow, with all my experience, I managed to turn around in the middle of a row and not see it for three more rows. Looking at blanket admiring it and then... what? why is one side longer than the other? Hmmm. Count rows at each end. Oh man, you've been knitting for well over 30 years (gulp). How did you manage that? On the upside, it is now going well and is almost complete. I washed and hung my first real skein of my own handspun to dry last night. There is approximately 178 yards of a very usable thick and thin yarn that now needs something to be knitted into. I have found that I spin a lot thinner now than when I started in September and since I have been working on this skein since the beginning you can see spots where there is thick plied with thin. I am not upset by how much yarn I got out of that eight ounces. I think I will get more yardage out of what I'm spinning now and it will be much more consistent.

My hip and my Piriformis muscle is feeling much better now. There is no screaming pain at all any more. I'm beginning to exercise again and without pain. There is the occasional twinge that reminds me to check my form, but it is nothing to what I experienced between Christmas and New Years Day. I plan to go to a Zumba class on Saturday to try it out. I keep seeing the videos advertised, but I don't want to spend the money on them if I don't like to do it. My youngest daughter went last Saturday and is hooked. She loved it even though she said she felt very uncoordinated for most of the workout. She had fun and is going back. That's what I want to know. Will I love it? Hate it? Wonder what all the hype is about? Guess we will see. If my muscle doesn't make it through the whole workout, then I will try again another time. I would love a fun workout that didn't feel like a workout. I will report back later.

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