Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Showers? Where are they?

I'm sitting at the computer in my "office" as DH calls it. I call it the craft room, but it works as both. Out the window I can see the garden growing. I'm wondering where my April showers are. I might have to go out and water the garden. I'm waiting ever so patiently for tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers to show up. I'm already picking lettuce and broccoli. Salads are my friend. They are especially my friend since I started working out and trying to drop a few pounds.
I finally took pictures and took stock of what I bought while in Dallas. I got 10 skeins of Rowan Denim, 10 skeins of Berroco comfort DK, 1 skein of Lana Grossa Meilenweit, 1 skein of Indulgence, 2 skeins of Regia 4 ply, and 8 skeins of Happy Feet. That's not counting the cotton 3 and 5 ply I got at the weaving store. I didn't realize just how much I got until I was counting skeins. 32 skeins of yarn added to my stash. I did send out 12# of yarn to go to another home the other day and about half of what I got at the weaving store will be used in the Christmas Runner that I'm making for the holidays at my daughter's house. We always do Christmas there so I thought I'd weave her a festive runner for the table.
It is red, green, white and gold. The gold is subtle and the red, green and white are dominant. I like it so far, but as you can see I just started so I may change my mind about it yet.
In other crafty news, I plan to make a belt to go with my Einstein Coat (which still needs ends sewn in and buttons found). I want to make a cloche to go with it for the winter too and have enough of the 220 to do both. I have yarn for 5 more hats for MT25, I've started a pair of socks for DH and am steadily working on the Everlasting Blanket. I have less than 130 squares to go and then need to do the border on it. I'm hoping to complete it within the next month. We'll see how that goes. The Scraps No More Blanket is waiting it's turn for some attention, but is on hold until the Everlasting is finished. I've been tempted to cast on the Landscape Shawl, but am holding out until I finish something else. So many plans, so little time. I am making slow progress on my Mission Possible list. I have 5 of twelve things complete and two are really close. If I can finish them before the end of May I will be ahead of the game.
Oh, by the way, I was actually able to give blood again on Tuesday. That's two times in a row. My iron and I fight over whether it's high enough for donation. It's fine as far as my health goes. I'm not anemic or anything; it's just sometimes too low to donate.
Time for some lunch. Exercise is done for the day. yippee. Always glad to have it finished. I may do another session, but that will be later.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's happening?

Ahh, back from my trip to Dallas and then to the Strawberry Festival. Since I've been home we have redone our bathroom(s). We did the floor and paint in both of them and they both really needed it. I also got some new accessories for my bathroom. My shower curtain was dismal and my corner caddy had seen better days some time ago. I hate to buy new stuff until the old is beyond redemption so I had been waiting. Add that to the fact that I wasn't sure what color I was painting and it just made more sense to wait.
How do you know you like a color? Well, for me it was the fact that I had painted a bedroom three years ago in a color called Dapper Tan and liked it because it was very neutral and yet it wasn't white or eggshell which I've seen enough of and then when we went to choose a paint color for the bathrooms I chose the exact same color (in a semi gloss instead of flat, but really the same color) and didn't realize it until after we'd had it mixed and brought it home. Three years and you choose the same color = liking a color. That's how I know that I like this color. I wouldn't wear it, but it looks good on my walls.
On the knitting front I have finished the Einstein except for weaving in ends and finding some buttons for it. I really like it so far. I think I will make a belt to go with it. Deciding on a knit or woven belt right now. I still plan to make a cloche to go with it. I will work on the Everlasting Blanket next week. (House to myself = doing just what I want to do) My son will be here, but he's never actually here. DH will be back at work and my mom will be gone on vacation for another week. I won't have to cook, things will stay clean (mostly) and there is knitting, weaving, reading, gardening, and listening to podcasts to be done. My only commitment is a blood drive on Tuesday.
I'm still working on my craft room. I need to rearrange some so that my new Flip loom has a spot of it's own. I think I have figured out where it's going so it's a matter of moving things and trying out the configuration.
I made new dish towels on my Flip while I was in Dallas. Here's a picture...

I got four towels out of my warp. I got four and not the three I expected because I forgot to weave some hem length on each of the towels. Duh. If you don't want fringe you need to hem and to hem and have towels the size you want you need to weave extra. Should have been a no-brainer and yet...
Off to knit or weave or play in the garden or just stand in the doorway and look at my bathroom.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm in Dallas for another couple of days and then it's home to get ready for the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, LA. We will be gathering at my dad's house for fun, strawberries, the parade, a shrimp boil, and much family togetherness. By the end of the weekend I may have decided that it's too much family togetherness, but you know how that goes. I hope my mom has watered the garden.
After that, we are going to do some work on our bathrooms. I need some help with part of it and DH will help with the stuff that I'm not sure how to do and we will have a nice newly covered floor and freshly painted walls in our bathroom. The plan is to change out the flooring in the other bathroom too. When we bought our "mobile home" or "manufactured home" or whatever the current name is there was carpet in both bathrooms. I personally don't know why you put carpet in a bathroom. I totally understand a small area rug, but not carpet. A small rug can be taken out to dry and air, but carpet is just there. It doesn't make sense to me.
On the knitting front, I have about 3/4 of a sleeve left to knit on the Einstein Coat. It's going well and I love the color. I'll have enough yarn left to knit myself a cloche to go with it and possibly a little extra. The Everlasting Blanket has not seen much action since I've been here, but will as soon as I finish with the Einstein. I've bought yarn while in Dallas. I made the trip to the Woolie Ewe and to the Shabby Sheep so of course I have new yarn. Some is for knitting and some of it will be for weaving with. I'll write up what I bought in a future post.
I still plan to work through some of my stash this year. Some I'll be working into afghans for the next winter. I can totally use the acrylic yarns I have to make some very nice afghans that can be tossed into the washer and not need special care. I hope to have a few for MT25 by the time fall rolls around. I'm still working on hats for them too. Now that it has warmed up I plan to just slip a hat in between other projects over the spring and summer and into fall. I don't know how people are as productive as they are. I feel like I'm the tortoise except that it's not a race and I don't notice the progress sometimes.
I've enjoyed my time away, but I know that I am a person who likes to have her routine. I can and do go with the flow if I need to, but I really like my own space with my own things and to know what I'm doing when. Other than DH, who will come back to work after we finish the bathroom work, I will miss the treadmill in the fitness room here. I've been spending about an hour a day on it and we are now friends. That's a good thing since we have eaten out so much while I've been here. DH has been laughing at me because I'm wearing my pedometer practically all the time and I've been running up and down the stairs here at the hotel.
I actually raced DH up the other day. I put him on the elevator, waved, dashed around the corner and up the stairs and was waiting when the elevator got to our floor. DH can go down the stairs, but up isn't in the cards yet after his surgery. Three flights of stairs isn't bad. It's good cardio and it's fun to do something silly like race an elevator once in a while.
I want to get back to my knitting machines too. I still haven't really learned to use my Artisan 45B. I find it intimidating. Between the fact that it's a standard gauge and has a ribber, it is a little more complicated than my other machines. I don't have a really good basic book for using it and I wish I did. I'll just have to do it and learn it on my own. Time to go home and relearn what button does what on the carriage. I like to learn so I know I can do this. It will just take practice.
Off to work on the Einstein and listen to The Knitmore Girls podcast. Why yes, I am a multi-tasker, why do you ask?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Friend

I came to Dallas and went to a weaving store White Rock Weaving and made friends with a 25" Flip loom from Schacht. It's a little bigger than I pictured it, but not too big to use.
I of course had to buy some yarn to play with on it and now have three dishtowels on the loom. I'm only about ten inches into the first one and it will be just a plain weave. I've decided that weaving is just as enticing for me as knitting is. Those are Heather's socks laying on the warp on the new Flip loom. There's a window right there so the lighting is awkward. Hotels are fun that way.
So far in Dallas I have finished Heather's socks
and I only have a sleeve and a half to go on the Einstein Coat. This picture was taken before I started the sleeve.

Well, there's the seaming and buttons to find, but really not much to go. I'm still working on the Everlasting Blanket and I don't think it will be everlasting. There are about 700 squares complete on it and about 200 to go.

I might have another two months of work on it. It would be faster if I didn't have at least three projects going at one time.
When I get home I still have to seam the Purple Cardi and that set will be done too. I just haven't taken the time to do the seaming on it yet. Purely laziness on my part. I just lost interest in the project. I might have taken too long on it. I kept putting off finishing the knitting to do other things and just couldn't get back into it when I finished the other projects that I had going.
Time to sign off and go get my exercise in. I'm trying hard to keep up with my exercise routine while I'm out of town.