Friday, January 14, 2011

No Progress

There is no news on the Mission Possible 2011 list except that I have made no progress. I got asked for two baby blankets for twins due in April and so the rest of my list took a back seat to those. How are they going? Well, I had to frog the first one and start over so the answer is slowly. The first blanket is a basketweave knit on size 7 needles with Caron One Pound yarn. I think it needs to be machine washable and dry-able for a mother of twins who already has an older child. I have not yet decided if I will do two identical ones or if I will change patterns for the second one.
I am sitting in my craft room looking out the window at my garden beds and wishing it was warm enough that something was planted in them and growing. I heard that food prices will be going up (again) and I know that will make me want to grow more of my own food. I do have to worry about who will care for the garden while I am gone though. My mom lives with us, but isn't much into spending time in the garden.
I tried to exercise a little while ago and my hip started giving me trouble so I will postpone that until after I see the doctor on Tuesday. If it's arthritis then I will deal with it. I am more concerned that it might be something else. I don't have a clue what though. I still want a treadmill and still don't have a place to put one so that is still on the back burner. Since I live right on the highway I cannot walk around my neighborhood for exercise. I wonder if I can do the Leslie Sansone dvds right now. I might have to try that and see. I am almost done spinning the white wool and then it will be plied and knit into something. Probably a hat. It's going to be thick and thin and probably about a bulky weight when done. I can't wait. The other spinning is coming along slowly, but it is coming along so I can't complain. Off to play with fibery stuff now.

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