Monday, July 20, 2009

knitting, bees,gardens and cool(er) weather

We're having a cold front. It's 10:20 a.m. here and my thermometer is reading only 80 degrees. The air conditioner hasn't come on yet this morning and I'm so glad after just paying the last electric bill. Let me just say ouch! My garden is still going well. I've got tomatoes every day which the mockingbirds are also after. I still have more tomatoes than we can eat coming off the vines so far. Good thing my family loves fresh salsa. Unfortunately the cucumbers are well loved by the worms.

I've been working a little on the Everlasting Blanket. Not enough to justify a new picture yet. I'm not up to 300 squares which I will consider the next milestone.
Also on the needles is a raglan sweater for my youngest granddaughter. She approved the shade of pink that I bought at the IWAnnaKnit Retreat (yarn bought at Knitting Today []) in June.

I also have Krista blocked. She just needs to be put together. I think it will be really nice when I get her sewn up. I'll get new pictures then. This yarn was also bought at Retreat. I'm so proud of myself. I never manage to use the yarn I buy at retreat the same year. Go Me!

I'm working on my plum colored shell and cardi on the LK150. The back of the shell is complete and the front is on the machine. I'm up to the second half of the neckline and armhole shaping. I'd be done if I could actually read and follow directions. Ok, most days I can do that just fine, but the day I was working on it my comprehension was in the dump.

I need to go out and cut the grass, but it will wait until tomorrow morning. After my incident where I got swarmed and stung by honeybees a month and a half ago, I'm a little jumpy. I know that I scared them as much as they scared me, but I still have that adrenaline rush every time one flies by me now. As I was mowing the grass that day (yes it has been done since) I went past a power pole and got swarmed by the bees flying up from it's base. They hadn't been there before so I wasn't expecting them. I still don't know why they had a nest in the ground right there. They've moved on now. Something told me to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt when I went out that morning to mow. I never wear long sleeves and usually only wear capri pants, but that day I listened to my gaurdian angel and wore the appropriate clothing. I got stung on my hands and wrists 5 times, but didn't get stung anywhere else. I panicked. I know in my head that you shouldn't run, but my head wasn't working after the second sting. I ran for the front porch. My brain kicked back into gear then and I knew I couldn't go in the house because the bees swarming me would go in with me. That wouldn't help. I kicked on the door so that my Mom, who lives with me, could spray them and get them away from me. Normally, I don't spray bees, but I had no clue whether I was allergic or not and I already had 5 stings. It didn't seem to be a time to be nice. I finally got inside and into the shower where I tried to calm myself down. When I got out of the shower, still shaking, I bent to pick up my clothes and take them to the laundry room and discovered another bee still hanging around. Let the panic attack ramp up again. My mom came and got rid of the bee. I couldn't even take my clothes off the line a week later when a bee buzzed me. It wasn't pretty. And from this end it's still not really funny. I can cut the grass again. I'm forcing myself to pick the vegetables in the garden and telling myself that I know they won't sting for no reason. I know I'll eventually get over it. Please God!
Back to the knitting and the garden now.