Friday, February 4, 2011

11 in 11 How am I doing?

I'm still working on Baby Blanket #2 on my Lk150. The reforming of stitches is going slowly but steadily. I think it will be lovely when completed, but that is still at least a week away and that's if I can take the machine with me to Dallas for a visit next week.
I'm not even sure that I will be able to go though. Between the weather and the fact that we are trying to buy a piece of property to put our house (mobile home) on I just might not be able to go. I am not a fan of snow or cold which would explain why I live in the south and I mean deep south as in I'm less than twenty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Our temperatures have been below normal and I am not a happy camper about it. On top of maybe or maybe not on my trip to Dallas I also cannot plant a garden until I know if we are actually going to get to move or not. Oh well.
I've also been doing some spinning. This is some dark gray carbonized bamboo on my Schacht Hi-Lo spindle. It really is a lot darker than it appears in this shot. I'm getting much better at it and I love doing it. I also have some Potluck Roving in Pumpkin Spice on my Kundert and some wool that I'm not sure what it is in a lovely teal(ish) color on the spindle I got on my last trip to Texas.
I still am not sure what I will make with any of the yarn I am making right now. The orange is such a stretch for me. It is not one of my normal colors. The teal is so much more me. There is more fiber waiting in the wings for a free spindle.

I also finished and got a photo of my latest crocheted scrap afghan. I am trying to use up my scraps and make them into something useful. These afghans are going to my church homeless ministry. They are not beautiful, but they are warm. I made one years ago and my son won't let me give it away. He says it's his favorite afghan.
Being the person I am, I have two pair of socks on needles too and I'm getting ready to start a Pi Shawl. The scrap afghan, socks, and shawl are all on my list for Mission Possible 2011. That's helpful.
As for the 11 in 11 process, I am doing fine. The idea is to spend eleven minutes every day in 2011 on something fiber related. All my work on my machines counts as does the time I spend spinning or knitting by hand or weaving or researching a pattern on Revelry. So far it's been easy going. I think the challenging part will be during the moving portion of the year.
The property we are looking at is about 3 acres and most of it is wooded. Those pines will have to go. The hardwoods can stay, but pines tend to snap in rough weather and I am in what we lovingly refer to as hurricane alley. We spend from June through November watching the weather here. Normally, we get a break in the winter and don't worry so much about the weather, but with the unusual cold this year... oh well. We are in trouble if the power goes as we are total electric and there is no fireplace in my home. Heat in the camper is gas, but it is a truck camper and I don't think I can be cooped up there with my mom and son for very long without pulling all my hair out. I really don't think I would look good bald.
Off to do something productive and get my 11 minutes in for the day along with some laundry and some exercise.

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isrbrown said...

Clearly I've been too busy knitting to keep up with everyone else's blogs. I just took a minute to check my list and saw yours. I love the Scrap Afghan. It does look exceedingly warm and is a great way to use up all your bits and pieces.