Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fiber plans?

I have a friend who has a goal of spending 11 minutes every day in 2011 on fiber pursuits. She has a list of rules for herself which, I think, boil down to the idea that she must spend 11 minutes a day on something fiber related and she has to make notes about it and report on her blog. I had to laugh when I read that reading counts only if it is a pattern, fiber related article or something of that nature. Apparently a Debbie Macomber book doesn't count (unless it's one of the pattern books to go with the stories. Then I had to wonder...does the Yarn Harlot count? I'm sure Zimmerman counts. I guess that the other knit lit that I read wouldn't count either. Luckily, I spend a little time at least once a week reading blogs about spinning, knitting, and weaving. I usually get some useful information out of those. Good luck, friend. I think you can do this and more.
For my own fiber pursuits I have, in no particular order, the following things going on.
There is a baby blanket on the needles (I have two to make),
a hat on my LK150 (my minimum goal for 2011 is 12),
three spindles with fiber attached to them, a crocheted scrap afghan on the hook,
half of a blanket on my 25" Flip, a scarf on my Cricket, a pair of socks on double points, a pair of tiny toe separating partial socks for my MIL on needles that she wants for when she goes in for a pedicure.
I just went looking for pictures and realized I don't have pictures of most of the stuff I'm working on. Maybe that should be one of my goals for the year. Actually take pictures of the stuff I'm doing.

It's cold here today. Our high will be about 45 and I know some people would love to get there and I sympathize, but as a southern girl I am freezing. I really don't think my home was insulated for this type of weather. It doesn't help that we don't have double pane windows or storm windows in the house so the weather (cold) comes right on in or feels like it does anyway. To stay warm I am running around in sweats and shawls (it really is cute - not) and thinking about what I'm going to put in the garden this year. I haven't got a plan yet, but I am working on it.
I go to the doctor on Tuesday to see if we can figure out what the problem is with my hip. Luckily, the pain that I was in just after Christmas has let up a lot. It's bad when turning over in bed makes you want to scream. I'm back to the twinges now and that is an improvement. I'm thankful.

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