Thursday, March 8, 2012

Total Slacker

Okay, I am apparently a total slacker. I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted to my blog until today. I wonder if I should just take it down and give it up or if I just need more discipline in my writing.
I have been knitting. I finished my Hey Teach and love it.

I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but maybe on Sunday for church I can. It's been too warm really for a sweater for the last week or so and when it was cool enough I was climbing around under the house and it just didn't seem like a good place for it.
I also finished my Demeter's Shawlette.

I have proceeded to rip back the edging and add some rows to the shawl to make full use of my handspun. I'm ready to put the edging back on. This is my first beaded project and I enjoyed the whole process from the knitting to picking out the beads I wanted to use.
Then I added two more bears to the collection before they went off to Mother Bear.

Added to that I am still working on my 10 stitch blanket and the Beekeepers Quilt and I started a baby sweater or two.
I'm still considering what my next weaving project will be and thinking about my next monster and sweater for myself and I started spinning some Mountain Colors BFL top in the Peppergrass colorway.
Other than the fiber stuff, I have been getting out garden ready for the spring. I have two tiny little peaches on one of the peach trees we planted earlier this year. I had blossoms on one of the apple trees, but the deer ate them. Oops. The blueberries and the huckleberries are blooming and the strawberries are coming on. The broccoli won't give up so I am still cutting broccoli on a regular basis. I have tomatoes and peppers inching their way up to transplant size to go outside and we are discussing adding more beds to the garden. If we keep going I will have to learn to can some of these veggies. I also need to figure out a trellis for the wild grapes on the property and I'm watching the blackberries bloom. Those blooms make me think of blackberry cobbler and that makes me start drooling.
I'm back on my exercise regimen and hoping to make some progress on that front as the weather warms.