Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time Flies

I can't believe it's August already and I haven't posted in over a month. Really though, my life isn't all that interesting to anyone else. I'm not consistently funny or insightful and I don't consistently have the kind of trouble that makes people gasp. That said, I have been busy with my life and my crafts.

I got pictures of the first table runner. My daughter liked it. The beading took what felt like forever. I think it was worth it though.
I have finished the weaving on the second table runner. It has the exact same warp on it. I just changed the predominant weft color. It makes an interesting difference. I just need to decide on the finishing for it. I think I'm going to bead it too only not in the same pattern.

I'm making considerable progress on the Landscape Shawl. I have begun the last pattern on it and it's moving right along. I work on it in the evening while watching tv mostly.
I'm working on a series of scarves on my Cricket loom. I've had this yarn for a while now. The original plan was to use it on one of my knitting machines. It's just too loopy for that. This first scarf is done on a 10 dent heddle and the warp and the weft are the same yarn. There were some issues with it, but it was do-able. I have another on now with this weft and a 3/2 cotton warp on an 8-dent heddle. The cotton is working better, but the other yarn might work well on the 8 dent too. I'll try that next and see. I find the first one lovely off the loom and need to get a picture of it finished.

I finished a pair of fingerless mitts for a friend for Christmas. This is a picture of them before they were finished. That's one gift that I don't have to think about later.
I have another project underway. Actually on my Bond machine. It was feeling very lonely up on it's shelf. I'll get pictures of that project later. Right now the white yarn on the machine against the white wall just doesn't make for very good photos.
In other news, the garden is still coming along. I think the tomatoes are about done, but the bell peppers are looking lovely. The cantaloupes are producing, but the bugs are getting them before they are ripe enough for human consumption. I hate to use pesticides and haven't figured out how to keep them away long enough for us to get some of the fruit. If it keeps up, I will pull the plants out and they will just be done for the season. I'm trying to decide what to start next for my fall crops. It's still a little too warm (okay it's hot) for lettuce. We're still in the mid 90's or higher and will be for a while yet. Today we are having a cool front. It's only supposed to be 95 and only about 70% humidity. It was nice this morning. About 76 on the back porch and I just wanted to stay out there for the day. It won't last.
Well, off to get some work done. Hopefully it won't be another month before I post.