Thursday, September 11, 2008

Although life gets in the way

I have been knitting.  I'm working on socks for Ravelry's SKA September Challenge.  Orange is not my favorite color and I have no idea what I'm going to do with said socks because I don't know anyone who owns up to the fact that orange is their favorite color.  I guess these will be my Halloween socks.

This one is longer than this now, but daughter borrowed my camera for the weekend and I don't have a newer picture.

I have also completed the Take A Turn Sweater from Knitwords by Mary Anne Oger that we did as a knit-a long on the Ravelry Machine Knitters board.  (Do I spend too much time on Ravelry?  nah, not possible.)

I'v completed a pair of mittens for one of my granddaughters and am working on matching socks.  There is also a pair of socks in the holding pattern for my son.  It will be his first pair.

All of this is going on while I consider going back to work.  Elmer and I decided about a year and a half ago that it was time for me to be at home for a while and do some things I've always wanted to do but never had time for.  Well I love being at home, but my Mom has moved in with us and I keep thinking about her situation and that I don't ever want to be there.  After 30 years of marriage there was a divorce and although she worked for almost all of my life it was never at a job where there was a lot  (or even a little) of money left over or a pension plan or really where she made enough for social security to be enough for her to live on.  She can't be in her own place because she can't afford rent, much less rent and food.  It's sad and a little scary.  I don't expect my marriage to end, but then neither did she.

So anyway, life gets in the way of knitting.  There are hurricanes to watch where I live in what we lovingly call "Hurricane Central" and the watching and remembering what Katrina did to our area makes my knitting gauge a little wonky so I have to concentrate on it to make sure I loosen up.  Now I have friends in the so called "cone of uncertainty" and my Dad still has no power after Gustav and my garden has been beat up and gee how much stress can one girl take?  Don't answer that.  I knowhow much before you just have to sit and cry.  My youngest daughter was carrying my grandson when katrina came through and we had to evacuate with an 8 month pregnant girl.  Then they had to take him by c-section because he tried to get stuck.  He was sunny-side-up and wouldn't turn around.  Yep, he's still a stubborn little fellow.

Well, back to the knitting to the Weather Channel.