Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year and New (somewhat) Goals

Wow, it's January 5, 2011 already. We had a really nice Christmas and then a trip to St. Louis to visit my mother in law. Two days before Christmas I realized that the floor was wet in my craft room so went looking for the problem. I found it. Our water heater was leaking. Luckily, it didn't burst and the leak was small enough not to ruin anything. DH knew that something was up when I walked in to the room he was in and said, "I think I'm going to need your help with this one." A trip to Lowes followed. It seems that it was a year for replacing appliances in our home. In 2010 we managed to have to replace the stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and the water heater. We replaced the refrigerator at the end of 2009. Fun stuff.
I'm doing Mission Possible 2011 this year. Here's the list that is subject to change:
1. 12 hats for MT25
2. Knitted T-shirt (pattern not decided on yet)
3. Scrap afghan (WIP from 2010)
4. 10 stitch afghan (WIP from 2010)
5. 2 woven scarves for granddaughters
6. woven curtains for craft room
7. socks
8. socks
9. fingerless mitts
10. fingerless mitts
11. Pi Shawl
12. something with my handspun

The scrap afghan is well underway and the 10 stitch is begun, but alas, not well underway. I haven't decided on the patterns for most of the things on my list so will be working on that soon. I put two pairs of socks on the list, but I really have more than two pair to do. I didn't put any of my spinning on the list, but to complete number twelve I really need to finish up some of the spinning I have begun.

I got a gift certificate to my LYS for Christmas so there is shopping in my future. I also go tone to Amazon for my Kindle books, but I haven't used it yet. I am very picky about what I get with it.

It's also time to restart my wellness journey. I managed to hurt myself at the end of the year and if the ache doesn't go away soon I need to see the doctor about it. having a sore hip and lower back is no fun when it comes time to do anything active.

off to decide on dinner now.

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