Monday, October 25, 2010

A Stashing we will go

Wow, I'm in Dallas visiting with my honey who works here more often than at home and every time I come he wants to make sure I don't get bored in the hotel room. (Because, you know, I never get bored at home and there is no way I brought knitting with me.) So we went to Yarn Heaven, then off to The Woolie Ewe, a stop at the Shabby Sheep and one at White Rock Weaving to round out a weekend.

Let's see: I got Mountain Colors fiber at Yarn Heaven, The Woolie Ewe

was having a sale and that would have been dangerous, except for the good sense of DH who said "Hey, that's on sale. Are you sure you don't need some more?" There might have been 30 skeins that made their way to the car. The stop at White Rock Weaving gave me two more shuttles for my weaving looms and two ounces of carbonized bamboo along with 5.1 ounces of potluck roving in the Pumpkin Spice colorway that just called and called to me and a Kundert Spindle that spins like a dream. The last stop was The Shabby Sheep where another 16 skeins went into the car with me. (Really with DH since he was carrying the bag.)
I have been knitting, spinning, fondling yarn and working out since I've been here. (Those pictures are not all of it, but Blogger and I are arguing about pictures right now.)

I was talking to a lady at the Shabby Sheep who just bought an LK150 and doesn't know how to use it. I volunteered to go back on Saturday if her schedule permits and show her the basics.
I go home in a little over a week to an oven that seems to have decided that now is the time to die. I got a call from my son who said, "Hey Mom, the oven element is shooting sparks. Mawmaw (what they call their grandmother) was baking something and it just started." My response was to tell him to turn off the breaker and let it cool down and not cook anything in the oven til I get home. I might have added that there is nothing I can do about it from here. My vote is just to get a new element, but DH says that it might just be time to get a new one. The one we have is 16 years old and has been used heavily in those years. I have been coveting a flat surface stove fro a while, but have refused to buy one because mine works (worked) fine. I just don't replace working appliances. In the past year or so I have had to replace both the washer and dryer, the dishwasher, and the refrigerator. My kitchen is almost new. Ah, well. Life goes on.

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