Sunday, June 17, 2007

home from retreat

Well, I've been home from Retreat and vacation long enough to get laundry done and start contemplating my next knitting project.  I also have some roman shades on tap for my bedroom and painting and flooring to do in my daughter's room when she moves.  Looks to be a busy summer.  I also want to change my tables in my knitting room.  I'd like to have room to have all my machines set up or at least have room to set up my sewing machine in the quiet room.

Retreat was everything I expected it to be.  There was knitting by hand and machine (of course), good food, shopping, and lots of laughter and hugs going around.  Two of my daughters called me during Retreat and both would have sworn I wasn't at a knitting retreat.  I just laughed and told them that knitters get rowdy when together.  It's especially true when we don't see each other on a regular basis.  I'm so far away from everyone else that it's the only time I get to see them.  I'm going to try to add pictures of some of us at retreat.  I couldn't get them to go through to the forum so I'll post them here instead and just link.  I had so much fun.  The only down side was when the truck broke down, but it's in the shop and being fixed so life goes on.

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