Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick update

It's been a while since I posted and my only excuse is that I have been working on getting property ready for us to move and getting house ready to move. Just this weekend we tore down our back deck, moved a garden bed, pressure washed the back of the house, moved stuff to storage and moved my garden shed to the property. I've already torn down my greenhouse and dug up my rosebushes. It's been busy around here and it will be for a while.
That said, I finished my Wildfoote socks today. Finally! I've also got the woven blanket off the loom and am in the process of finishing the ends of it. Hopefully, that will be complete sometime this week and I will have photos. (I got a new camera. DH lost his and decided that I should get a new one and he would take mine. He's the best.) I'm still working periodically on hats for MT25 and plan to have a dozen or more ready for the winter when they are needed.
I am still working on my commitments to both the "11 minutes a day" and Mission Possible 2011 and I'm in on a contest to not buy more yarn until August. There is a loophole about gift certificates and I have one from Christmas in case I really need it. I'm trying to just use what I have though. I'll let you know how I'm doing. As it is I have enough yarn and fiber to last me for well over two years without buying more. There is a lot that is acrylic in colors that I wouldn't have bought. It was given to me and I'm making it work. I will probably give some more of it away soon. No sense in letting it go to waste.

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isrbrown said...

Oh my goodness!!! 3 sets today! Such a wonder!