Monday, March 14, 2011

The loss of knitting time

I've not made much progress on my knitting in the last two weeks. I had to rip out Blueberry Pi and start over again. That was no fun and I haven't even made it back to where I was when I ripped. I have two pair of socks on the needles, but not making much progress on them right now. There are too many other things I need to get done.

I've torn down my little makeshift greenhouse that has served me well over the last five years or so and I'm emptying the raised garden beds so that I can tear them down too. There is some
progress being made on the property front. It has gone from being overgrown like this...

to looking more like this. This is a picture of where we intend to put our mobile home. It will go behind that live oak with the curving branches in the picture.
This is kind of a sideways view of the property. I'm standing on the edge of the driveway looking toward the southern end of the property. It goes to past that pile of brush in the middle of the picture. There is more property behind where I am standing. About a third the length that is in this picture. There's a lot to do so I'm off to do some of it.

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