Friday, April 1, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I've been busy around here. I finally got pictures of my woven blanket

and of the Wildfoote socks.

And then I was out at the new property and got a shot of the spot where I want a swing

and my new garden spot.

I'm currently working on the Blueberry Pi shawl (and thinking of where to plant blueberry bushes in the new yard), a pair of socks for one of the granddaughters, and some baby hats. I've also got four hats for MT25 that need to be seamed up and one hanging on my machine.
For those who are interested... swing under tree in that shot. The house will go where the orange clay is. There is a tiny Magnolia that we transplanted out of the way of the house at the front of the garden side of the yard and the property goes back beyond those trees on this side of the property. I'm looking forward to gardening, knitting, spinning, crocheting, and weaving here.


isrbrown said...

Theresa, this is so awesome! I love the woven blanket. You rock! The socks are ok too. (I can't really get excited about socks) WAIT WAIT... yours are HANDKNIT! HUZZZAHHHH!

Love your piece of property. I'm excited for you!

Theresa said...

All my socks are handknit. I never got the hang of doing them on the machine and I like a portable project for when I'm out and about.
I am itching to get started on my gardening out there, both veggies and flowers.