Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Completed projects

Well, I am so bad about remembering to post or even to take pictures of my finished projects.  I have recently finished a pair of socks for myself with matching ones for my granddaughter and forgot to get a picture before I gave her her pair.  I have also finished a shopping bag that I had been working on off and on ( mostly off) for six months and a baby gift set for my daughter's sister in law.  I forgot to take a picture of that too.  oops.  I'm working on another shopping bag right now and also the sideways socks on my LK150 for the knitalong at the Knitting Today forums.  I have a Puddle Jumpers sweater sitting in a bag waiting for me to begin and also a shawl patiently waiting for me to start on it too.  Can I get some more hands here? Please.  Between the knitting and scrapbooking and the fact that I'm also redecorating a bedroom (paint, floors, roman shades etc) I could use some more.  Maybe a clone???  Only if she could take over the actual housekeeping chores and free up my time for the fun stuff.  Hopefully, I can get a pic of the Grandma and Me socks tomorrow when I see my grandbaby. 

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