Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mission Possible 2013

Mission Possible 2013 has begun.  My list is made and a few things are already in progress or completed.
The list

  1. 12 hats for MT25
  2. Silk top for me
  3. Socks for Elmer
  4. Monster
  5. 3 pair of mittens
  6. Baby Blanket
  7. Monster
  8. Handspun cardigan
  9. Mother Bear 2/21/2013
  10. Hexagon Blanket
  11. Mother Bear
  12. 6 pr of fingerless mitts

 I have four of the 12 hats complete and several more that only need the seaming done.  The socks for Elmer are on the needles and the first sock is done and the second is over half complete.  As you can see I've finished one of the bears for Mother Bear.I've cast on a sweater for myself, although it isn't the handspun one yet.  That one will be a cardigan for the fall.  (I know it will take me until it's too warm for it here to finish it.)  I can't help but wonder if the hexagon blanket will ever be finished.  I seem to have lost the love for working on it at the moment.

I also have goals on paper for my spinning and weaving.
I'm in the process of weaving simple curtains for our spare bedroom and I want to make a set (two sets actually) for my kitchen.  I also have some lovely cotton for napkins. I want to spin a fingering weight yarn and I'd like to spin 400 yards from a four ounce braid.  I've not made it to that amount yet although I have gotten to over 300 yards so maybe I will get that one accomplished in the near future.

I want to move at least 5 pounds of yarn out of my stash this year. I have a good start since I’ve been working on the hats since the 3rd and have over 30 ounces out already.

I'm planning to update at least monthly for the amount of yarn used and the progress on the list.  Now I'm off to work on the second Mother Bear which is actually the twelfth one I've made for them.

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