Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stash Dash 2012

So, I'm doing StashDash with the Knitgirllls again this year.  The set-up is a little different this year since we are going by grams instead of yardage.  My first goal was 907 grams.  I blew that one out of the water.  I spun this yarn for 113 grams

along with knitting two more bears for Mother Bear, spinning this Colinette Merino
and two more of the Frog Tree Meriboo rovings (brown and gray), knit a pair of socks, finished my February Lady, some knitted cupcakes for Carin,dishcloths, some hexagons, and a hat from my handspun.  I am officially at 1592.3 grams.  That's not where I actually am though because I have some things that will go into Checkpoint 5 when the thread opens. (I also found something that I listed in a post, but didn't add the weight, oops) I haven't added four dishcloths or the brown Meriboo roving.  That's not all though.  I have another pair of socks on the needles, am currently working on my ten stitch blanket that will be a really cute baby blanket when finished, and am still making hexagons.
I upped my goal to 2000 grams.  I think I will make that and have some to spare.  It's been really productive for me to have a goal and work toward it.
I did "compete" in the Tour de Fleece and got to know my wheel.  That was my goal and I've enjoyed it.  I'm on a team for the Ravellinic games, but I'm only WIP Wrestling on that blanket.  Nothing exciting.
I was going to add more pictures, but blogger and I are arguing right now.  More later.

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