Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Out of town

I didn't realize how ling it had been since I blogged anything. I've been busy, but not so much with my knitting as with the rest of my life. Some days it feels like the universe is laughing and laughing hard when it looks down on me. There has been one thing after another going on and even when the things aren't big they just seem to take a toll on you after a while. The biggest thing was emergency surgery for the DH. It came out of the blue. I had only about 1 day's notice and I think he only had 2 days and really neither of us expected there to be surgery involved. Other than the surgery it's just been things that take me away from my routine and my knitting.
I'm in Arlington, TX right now. Taking two weeks to spend with my husband and got to visit with my middle daughter a little. I might get to visit with her some more, but I refuse to drive in this city (the DFW metro area). I am a small town/country girl at heart and the way that people drive in big cities just makes me crazy. Back in the dark ages when I took my driver's test the rule was that you needed one car length for every ten miles and hour you were driving between you and the car ahead of you. ( I understand the rule because I had my master cylinder go out on me while I was pregnant and letme just say that it's scary not to have any brakes when you had them 30 seconds ago when you turned the corner.) That is apparently not the case in a city on a freeway. If you leave a car length someone is getting in there. Never mind the number of people who go from the left hand lane across six lanes of traffic to get off on an exit that is on the right and do so in the last 200 yards before the exit. Can you tell why I'm not good at cities? It's not just the Dallas area. I've seen it in Atlanta and Houston and Nashville. No, I haven't seen the traffic in Los Angeles. I haven't been there since I was a kid and have no immediate plans to go back.
On the knitting front, I am still working on my mitered square sock yarn blanket. I have two pair of socks on the needles and I brought my Ultimate Sweater Machine with me to make hats for my church's homeless ministry. I have seven which just need seaming and I can do those in an evening or two. I have yarn with me to make maybe 3 or 4 more.
I realized how spoiled I am by my LK150 and by claw weights. I forgot to bring claw weights with me and I'm having to use the weighted hem that came with my machine. It's not hard, but I had to re-teach myself how to work with it. I've got it now though and things are moving along.
I've visited one knitting store while here so far. I went to Yarn Heaven here in Arlington the other day (DH drove, why do you ask?) It was a nice store, but didn't make my heart sing. Maybe it was because the store was quiet. I only saw one other knitter there other than the lady working. There were some lovely yarns ( I bought two skeins of sock yarn, Sockin Sox and Lorna's Laces) and the lady there was cordial. The dog wasn't overly friendly and the cat wanted to make friends with me. Ah well, they can't all be My stores and I do like to visit when I"m out of town.
It's time for some lunch now. I've been doing pretty good at not over eating since I've been here and I am making use of the fitness room in the hotel.
I hear tell that I'm helping build a playground on Saturday. I hope I don't get blisters. I didn't plan for it when I packed for this trip.
Happy Knitting everyone!

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