Friday, March 6, 2009

And life gets in the way (again)

I didn't realize how loong it had been since I updated my blog. I have gotten the yarn for the granddaughters socks and completed two pair. The third pair is started. I finished my Eleanors and I've worn them already. The scarf is quietly sitting waiting it's turn for the spotlight which will surely come.
I have the back and both fronts done on the pink sweater for one of my granddaughters. Thank goodness for the LK or I wouldn't be anywhere near this point.
My youngest daughter and grandson have moved home for the forseeable future. I'm watching him while she's at work in the evening so that takes away from some knitting time. I miss the quiet, but love having him here so that I can watch him grow. 3.5 is a fun age. Wears me out, but he's fun none the less. The house is full and the knitting room is history at this point and the hall is being used for storage, but we'll survive. We have a roof over our heads and the power is on and there's food on the table. That's more than so many can say these days that I'm happy with that.
I will have pictures of the socks when I get them all finished so I can get a picture of them all together. Four pair of identical pink socks is not my idea of fun really so I don't know how fast these last two pair will go.
Off to do some knitting before the grandson wants to play ball.

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