Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home again

I'm home from retreat at IWannaKnit.  It was so much fun.  I forgot to take pictures, but that's not surprising.  I always forget to take pictures.  I bought some lovely yarn while I was there The aquamarine is Hempathy and is destined to be a summer top for me.  I'm thinking like a lacey T with maybe a touch of beading at the yoke.  I'll let you know if I get it worked out.  The red is Spiderweb by Interlacements and is destined to be a shawl (also for me).  Pacific Northwest by Evelyn A. Clark I think.  I'll update here or on Ravelry (Momof4) as I make a final decision and start work.

Well, Army Wives is coming on and I need to pull up my favorite seat for watching.

God bless and I'll check in soon. (ok, sooner or later)

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