Saturday, August 1, 2009

finished projects

Wow, since the last time I was here I have finished Krista.

It's all sewn up and fits well. I need to find something appropriate to wear under it. With the lace it's not appropriate for church until I find something to wear underneath. Preferably something comfortable. I guess that means I'm going shopping for under garments.
I also put the buttons on my granddaughter's cardigan and it went home with her. She threatened to wear it to bed the night she got it. I think that may mean she liked it.

I now have to make one for her big sister who's feeling left out even though she got the last sweater.
I finished my grandson's new socks and gave them to him. He had some apple green ones and now the blue and he's put in an order for a pair in every color of the rainbow.

The garden is doing pretty well. We had a cool snap and the high has only been in the upper 80's and low 90's with heat indexes at about 98 to 102. It's inching back up now. On the upside, we seem to be back in our summertime pattern with afternoon thunderstorms which will help us get back up to our normal rainfall amounts. We're still dry compared to our normal. Officially, we are not in a drought right now, but unless the rain keeps up, we will be. I have family in Texas and it's pretty severe over there now. 77 counties in a drought situation. Unfortunately, all we can do is pray for rain for them and hope and pray that it doesn't have to be severe weather to get them out of this situation.
Life here is much the same as always. There is always something going on. We're looking for a piece of property that 1) we can afford, 2) will allow our mobile home on it, 3) doesn't have covenants preventing us from putting up a workshop and possibly a studio on it. That's not as easy done as it is said. Property here is pretty pricey (compared to what it was even 4 years ago --before Katrina) and most has covenants on it. A lot of what we've seen says that you can't even build a garage for parking your cars or tractor. (Because you know that it looks worse to have a big building sitting there than it does to have your equipment sitting right in plain view.) Okay, I'll calm down now. Of course, if the price of things keeps going up, we won't be able to afford anything anyway.
I am counting my blessings at present though. We are relatively healthy, DH has a job, there is a roof over our heads and we have food on the table. Oh yeah, we aren't running around naked either. Those are blessings indeed.
May God bless each of you and all of us.

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