Monday, July 28, 2008

Finished projects

I've finished several projects since I last checked in.  I made a Hip Hempathy Tank from yarn I got at this year's IWannaKnit Retreat.  It was made on my LK-150 and worked quite well on that machine on Tension 4. Hem and neckline and arm were done on tension 3.5


Above is a picture of the picot hem and below is the neckline and arm.

I also finished a pair of ankle socks for Elmer  by hand and he hasn't had a chance to try them on because I didn't finish until after I'd put him on a plane (again).

Then I also finished the Black Estonian Garden Wrap I had been working on.

And last but not least I whipped out a baby blanket on the LK to go with the BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket) that I had finished earlier.

I think the colors complement the sweater and button combination very well.

I haven't yet finished the blue BSJ that I started.  I'm worried that I may be a little short on yarn so I'm practicing denial and haven't tried to finish yet.  I'll let you know the results when I get the nerve to try to complete it.

I have started the Pacific Northwest Shawl and it's been an easy knit so far.  I'm not sure how I like the colors in the yarn I chose yet.  I love the colors in the hank and I'm trying to see how I like it knit up in this pattern.  So far the colors don't have the punch knit up that they do in the hank.I'll get pics when I get a little further along and see if I can manage some perspective.

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