Thursday, September 20, 2007

Puddle Jumper Sweater complete

Yea me, I finally finished dgd's sweater and found buttons for it and now she has it.  The buttons aren't exactly what I was looking for but they work.  There just wasn't a good selection near me.  I guess that's what I get for having something specific other than color in mind when I went looking for buttons.  I still need to do the socks to match the hat and sweater, but I'll get to them.

I've been working on my Estonian Wrap and it's coming right along.  I have about a half dozen projects in my head and need to get them on needles or on the machines soon.

The weather is beautiful here. We're watching the system in the Gulf to see if it will affect us, but mostly we're enjoying the beautiful mornings.  The air hasn't been coming on until the mid afternoon and that's a good thing.  The power bill was high enough last month to make me wince.

I plan to start a sideways sweater for my oldest granddaughter today on my LK150.  I hope she likes it when it's done.  Off to the machine now.  More later.

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